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Ideas to Make Gold Bed Skirt

Gold bed skirt is great additions to your bedroom decor scheme. Gold is beautiful color. You can coordinate with bedding and curtains, giving your room a decorative look. They also provide an elegant costume to keep under the bed. Custom-made bed skirts are easy to make and lovely look with duvet covers. A custom skirt is made in two parts. The upper part covers the spring box and can be made from a flat sheet. The skirt hangs directly from the top and has folds in the corners of the foot and the sides of the center, with an additional fold at the foot of a King size bed. Remove the mattress from your bed. Lay the sheet over the base of the box spring and mark the edges of the base with a non-permanent fabric marker or tailor’s chalk. This is the sewing line. Mark the folds at the corners, the center and final center sides of a king bed.

Amazing Gold Bed Skirt

Amazing Gold Bed Skirt

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Measure the two lengths and width of the bed with your tape measure. Add these measurements and then add 12 inches for each fold four for a twin, full or queen and five for a king. Add 1 inch to hem the ends of the gold bed skirt. Measure the fall of your skirt from the top of the box from the spring to the floor, add 1 1/2 inches to this measure for the hem and top seam. Mark your fabric the length of your drop measurement. Mark enough strips to measure the total length of your skirt and cut. For example, if the fabric is 54 inches wide and the total length of your skirt with folds and bed seams is 254 inches and its drop is 20 inches, you will need to cut five strips that are 20 inches long.

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Stitch all the strips together and press the seams open. Go up 1/2 inch from the bottom edge of your skirt to 1/2 inch and turn on your hem. Turn in 1/2 inch at each end of your gold bed skirt and pin. Machine to sew your hems on all three sides and press. Pin the skirt to the top of the flat sheet along the seam line, right sides together, starting at the head of the bed. The skirt of the bed should extend 1/2 inch above the seam line. To make a pleat, gather two folds in the pleat of the mark. They should have 3 inches of fabric to the right and left behind each fold, forming a box pleat.

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